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Go Fast
R 0 No monthly fee
15% Transaction Fee
Bank Charges(around 5%)
R10 Pay out fee
Includes All features to help make your store better
Go Far
Go Far
R 100 monthly fee
10% Transaction Fee
Bank Charges(around 5%)
R10 Pay out Fee
Includes All features to help you make your store better

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Want to find out more about opening your store, have a look at our FAQs and if you still need more answers get in touch
  • Items that were either designed by you, or manufactured by you, in Africa. 
  • Items that meet the previous condition but were made by someone else, so long as you have their express permission to sell them.
  • Printables (designed by you)
  • Creative services (such as photo shoots, fashion design, eventing, catering etc).
  • Unaltered imports, branded products (international brand names other than African Designers)
  • Alcohol, tobacco, or any legal or illegal drugs or pharmaceuticals.
  • Anything illegal
  • Livestock or live animals
  • Pornography
  • Anything not locally designed or handmade that has not been given the okay by our team (This restriction is including but not limited to things like property, cars or car parts, firearms, computers and general technology, and certain services).
  • All products must be shipped from within Africa, no exceptions.
  • All store approvals are entirely at Nala Collective’s discretion.

There are three options

1 You package the item and send via your chosen shipping method.

2 You can also optionally allow your customers to collect their orders from you directly.

3 COMING SOON: You store your items with the Nala Collective team, we will package in our unique packaging with your Brand info included and send it off. More info to follow.

The method you like best. Our system supports using all shipping methods, and also has integration with many of South Africa’s major couriers. More information here

Nala Collective works with a wallet system in which you can select your preferred payout method. Send a request for the money or get paid out on your chosen date.

This charge is added for each time you’re paid out to offset the cost the bank charges us for doing a transfer to your account. You’ll only be charged it once per payout and you won’t be charged at all if you haven’t made any sales for that payout period. You can read more about our payout system over here.

Yes. Currently only stores in South Africa are supported, we are working on being able to go world wide in the future. You yourself don’t have to be South African  we welcome all nationalities living in South Africa.

As many as you like. This is your store go wild.

There are many benefits, and your Nala Collective store can happily coexist with your online store. By selling on Nala Collective you get to benefit from our collective and individual marketing strategies, for more info. All vendors will also be featured on our Facebook page. In other words by joining us you have a dedicated marketing team working tirelessly to bring traffic to the Nala Collective online store.

No contracts, no obligations, you can cancel your store at any time if you wish to. However should you not complete your orders or should we receive more than 3 complaints about your product quality or service we reserve the right to remove your shop from the Nala Collective market place.

There are two options to pick from and we will have more diverse packages coming in the future. Pick which one works for you here

Do you have further questions which we haven’t addressed. Please email us and ask away