Create Your Own Store

Steps To Create Your Own Store

It is important to remember that this is your store and you will be uploading and managing the products you supply. There is no need to pay a web developer to build you a website, and you won’t need to pay them every time you have a new product to load. Do it yourself and have a hands on approach to your sales.
  1. Go to Open your Store


  2. Register your store Information and select the package which best suits your needs.

Once you have been accepted as a vendor by fulfilling the requirements of making your own items or bringing them in from around the continent of africa, supporting other small businesses, you can begin loading products. In the meantime you can fill out  all your store information(be as thorough as you can), or wait till your approval. 

  1. Go to your dashboard-Settings and start by adding a banner and profile picture which represents your brand. Add your business info in all the sections. Be sure to fill in as much relevant information as possible to populate your online store with. 

Note: when adding Pictures, a square picture is best and try adding a title and short description to make it easy for you to find the image but also to help with your SEO rating.  

Note: if your items require input from your customer, ie an engraved note, then don’t forget the select show email address in store 

NB: It is important to take the time to add a terms and conditions sections so that the customer understands your policies on returns/breakages/guarantees/warranties/refunds

Payment– Put your banking details into here, this is how you will get paid out when you start making sales. 

Verification– Please note that this is a vital part of getting your store approved. We need a valid copy of your ID/Drivers Licence/Passport (this can be a photo taken with your phone), your address and Facebook/Google login.  

Social Profile-when you link your social profiles to your store, it helps your customer to buy easily across whichever platform they might find you on. It’ll improve your sales. 

Shipping: It is important to let your customers know all the information about your shipping options. If you have three different types at different prices and delivery times its important to state that. Also remember that it’s always beneficial to provide a free option or a price point at which the shipping will be free, eg Spend R500 in my store and receive free shipping. For more info click here

RMA Policy: better known as a Returns and Warranty Policy. This helps your customers understand what they are buying and the quality guarantee you provide. Can they return items? How long after the sale can they ask for a refund?

Store SEO: short for Search Engine Optimization, this is basically the way the internet helps searchers find your website. This is a very important part of having an online store. Choose keywords and descriptions which are unique to your business. Click on the links below to find out more on how SEO works.  

  1. Now that you have populated the back end of your Shop it’s time to populate your front end.

Start by opening up your Products page and click ADD NEW PRODUCT

  • Upload a picture or multiple pictures of your product. It is best for the picture to be 800px(wide) X 1200px(high) 500kbs. For more info on how to take and crop pictures click here

  • Add the product name, NOTE: try not to be too general eg, African dress should be Ankara print floor length Dress

  • Now enter a Price and a Discount price (Should you want there to be a discount, this can also be done at a later stage) 

  • Select a category. TIP: familiarise yourself with our categories before loading your products, if you can’t find a category which best describes your products please contact us at

  • Add tags. These are to help customers search for your product, ie Patterned skirt, knee length, handmade, hand printed 

  • Add Attributes. Select as many attributes as you can, these are things like size, colour, style, shweshwe print, etc. This will help your customers find your products and help hugely with your SEO (wikipedia)   

  • Add a description of your product. This doesn’t need to be too long but it needs to communicate important information like what the item is made from, how it was made, if it comes in multiple sizes. You will have a once your product is loaded and accepted, to add a further in depth description. You might want to add ingredients or a production method 

Now you can create a product, if you have others to add select Create and Add New

If you want to update your info or add additional information all you need to do is place your cursor above your product and select Edit and fill in. 


Inventory, allows you to let your customer know how many of the item you have in stock and if they can place backorders. 

Linked Products allows you to cross market your products, ie if you are selling a ring which also has a matching necklace you would want to link these products.


Discount options allows you to offer a discount for larger orders.