Nala- The abundance of a harvested crop, Ndebele

Nala Collective

We as Africans have sown our creativity into the land and now it is time to harvest its beauty and uniqueness.
At Nala Collective we believe that African designers and creators from across the continent are pushing the boundaries of design and breaking the preconceived notions of African style and identity. Our focus is to create a platform for African content for Africans and provide the space in which a unique and diverse experience can be had.

About Our Online Marketplace

A collective is stronger than the sum of its parts. We aim to provide support to African designers and creators in the form of education, marketing, sales, pricing, storage, delivery, branding, packaging and supply chain.


The Nala Markets and PopUps provide a uniquely curated experience of different countries on the continent of Africa. Providing a platform for discovery and engagement with each other. At these events our visitors are able to “taste, see, feel” their way around the continent, experiencing the food, fashion, design and culture from different countries in Africa. Providing a dynamic opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of our neighbouring countries while promoting small businesses and handmade goods. Through these markets we have managed to establish connections with an array of small businesses. We have engaged the needs of these businesses and are putting together platforms in order for them to grow. 


Our online market space is a place for small businesses who are focused on quality made goods to find and create their own niche online store. The goal is to create a space where the shopper can find a variety of different items which they feel best represent their lifestyle here in Africa. This unique model has been used on other sites such as Etsy and Hello Pretty. Our focus, however, is to highlight products made in Africa by Africans from around the continent and to carefully curate a shopping experience which is unlike any other. The Vendor will not only have access to creating their own online store but will also have access to workshops and mentoring, production chain advice, networking, advertising, branding teams and so much more.

Support The Cause

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