About Us

About Us


28 September 2019, Indaba Hotel



Our Vision Nala- The abundance of a harvested crop, Ndebele

We as Africans have sown our creativity into the land and now it is time to harvest its beauty and uniqueness.

At Nala Collective we believe that African producers, designers and creators from across the continent are pushing the boundaries and changing preconceived notions of African culture and design. Our focus is to create a platform for African content for Africans and provide the space in which a unique and diverse experience can be had.  

Nala Market

The Nala Market is a space for Africans to showcase our differences as well as our similarities. What better day to do that than on 25 May 2019- AFRICA DAY

The Nala Market provides a unique curated experience of different countries on the continents. Providing a platform for discovery and engagement with each other. At this one day event our visitors will be able to ‘taste, see, feel their way around the continent, experiencing the food, fashion, design and culture from different countries in Africa. We invite the city to partake in a truly united Africa day and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of our neighbouring countries.


Our vendors will be a curated group of quality producers of African products and goods, made by Africans.

Food:  This experiential element will be one of the highlights of the day. Cooks and chefs who pride themselves in producing food experiences which transports their dinners to the origins of the meal will be invited to participate. A “road” through Africa will be created and along this road typical street foods from different countries will be on offer. This food item will be small to allow the market visitors to experience many different food items.

Drink: Along the same “road” distilleries/vineyards/breweries/bars who are distinctly African will provide exciting opportunities to try new things and old favorites done with a twist.  

Design and Fashion: Designers and producers with an African design sensibility and the vision to showcase their unique outlook will also be carefully selected to give the visitors a rounded and interesting visual exploration of the Continent.

Discover: Businesses which provide a unique experience or different look on the continent of Africa will also be given a space to encourage guests to engage and be thrilled by the beauty of Africa  

Music: A fundamental part of what it means to be African is our connection to music. The presence of an eclectic array of musicians will provide a fun and relaxing environment in which to immerse yourself in.

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Follow our story and that of our carefully selected suppliers on Instagram and Facebook. We will be highlighting a few vendors leading up to the event as a teaser for the visitors.




Nala Online

Coming Soon.

This online store is a unique and diverse platform for producers around Africa to showcase their unique products.

As a shopper you can find an array of items to truly express your identity and sense of style, knowing that what you purchase will be of a high quality and standard.  We aim to bring together the best new designers around to spread the word and cross market with each other, to drive sales and grow fledgling businesses.

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