Nala Collective

Our Vision

Nala- The abundance of a harvested crop, Ndebele 

We as africans have sown our creativity into the land and now it is time to harvest its beauty and uniqueness. 

At Nala Collective we believe that African producers, designers and creators from across the continent are pushing the boundaries and changing preconceived notions of African culture and design. Our focus is to create a platform for African content for Africans and provide the space in which a unique and diverse experience can be had.

Fashion & Design

The Nala market will feature designers and producers with an African design sensibility and the vision to showcase their unique outlook will also be carefully selected to give the visitors a rounded and interesting visual exploration of the Continent.

Fashion & design
Food & Drink

Food & Drink

African Food is an experiential element that will be one of the highlights of the Nala Market. Allowing each region to take you on a food adventure you have never been on.  As well as teaming up with our venue Chief Boma who have a very unique African take on how they serve food.


We will be at the Indaba Hotel on the 28th September 2019 from 9am-4pm

When is the next market
Nala Online

Nala Collective Online 

Coming Soon. 

We believe in the economic power of Africa and want to bring that to the world. The Nala Collective online store is a unique and diverse platform for producers around Africa to showcase their products. The shoppers experience is one of designs which pushes boundaries, of collections which liberate the mind and of produce which is made with care and consideration.

Our aim is to bring together growing businesses and create a space of shared support and cross marketing for like minded businesses as well as like minded shoppers.